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View All Indicators for the United States and Selected Countries

Using the CPC database, produce country profiles by selecting up to two countries or subnational education systems at a time to view along with the United States across all indicators, which are grouped into six categories: International Assessment, Population, Economy, Education Expenditure, Education System, and Government. Before selecting a country from the dropdown list, click on one of these categories (“International Assessment” is the default category). Press "Submit" to see the complete results.

Answer questions such as:

  • How does the U.S. country profile compare to that of its southern and northern neighbors, Mexico and Canada, respectively?
  • How does the United States compare with Germany and the United Kingdom—the European countries with the first and second largest economies, respectively—in terms of education expenditure and student and adult performance on international assessments?
  • While Estonia and Latvia are bordering countries in Eastern Europe with similarly small population sizes, what country characteristics might help in understanding why Estonia outperformed Latvia in reading, mathematics, and science literacy on the PISA assessment?
  • What do we know about Vietnam, a country that scored much higher on the PISA assessment than its level of development, as measured by the Human Development Index, would suggest?

Helpful Tips

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